Food & Beverages

Magical Cocktails created with love!

Creative yummies directly from the pizza-workshop.

Large amount of beer from both local and international breweries. 

Menu Pizza


Grilled Tenderloin (150g), tomato sauce, mozzarella, Onions, served with honey bearnaise!

169 kr


Fior di Latte, tomatosauce, fresh basil, oregano.

 119 kr


Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, oregano.

 119 kr

Eastanbul (Turkish Pizza / Lahme Bajeen)

Minced beef, garlic, fresh tomatoes, chili, parsley. Served with fresh onion and lemon.

119 kr

Goomba 🍄 (Vegan pizza blanco) 

Vegancheese, shiitake, champignon, fresh garlic, chives, olivoil.

 119 kr

The Fairy (Dessert pizza)

Ricotta, parmesan, honey, rainbow sprinklers.

 119 kr

Pizza Dumplings x4

Marco Polo

Chicken, pesto, greek cheese, served with tomato sauce.

109 kr

Buddha (Vegan)

Minced soy meat, shiitake, onion, garlic, served with sweet chili.

109 kr

Newton (Dessert can be vegan)

Diced apples, Cinnamon, brown sugar, served with vanilla ice cream.

109 kr


Swede in Mexico

Mezcal, O.P Anderson Petronella, Cinnamon, Apple and Vanilla Syrup, Applejuice, Lemon. (Clarified Milk Punch)

145 kr


Popcorn infused and Butter-fat washed Bourbon, Sugar, Chocolate Bitters, Angostura Bitters.

145 kr

Yangtze Fusion

Baijiu, Apricot, Sesame oil, Buddhas hand/Lemongrass syrup, Lemon juice, Soda.

145 kr

Once Upon A Time in Gotland

Rum, Gotlands Bittar, Passionfruit Syrup, Lime, Sleepy Bulldog Pale Ale Foam.

145 kr

Fortune Teller

Peanut and Fried Banana infused Rum, Vanilla sugar, Coconut cream.

145 kr

Make A Wish

Strawberry and Rasberry infused Gin, Red vermouth and Campari, Vanilla and Rasberry foam.

145 kr

Si Grazie

Sea Bucktorn, Amaretto, Lemon, Prosecco.

145 kr

Down to Earth

Vodka, Marachino, Beet Juice, Artichoke syrup, Lime Juice.

145 kr

Tea o'Clock

Roku Gin, Tonka Berries/Hibiscus Syrup, Citric acid, Tonic, Goji Berries

145 kr

Leprechauns Delight

Tullamore Dew, Saffron sugar, Heavy cream, Lemon, Soda.

145 kr

Virgin Cocktails

Virgin Swede in Mexico

Cinnamon, Apple and Vanilla, Lemon, and Soda.

75 kr

Exotic Lemonade

A mix of today's fruit, Lemon, Soda.

75 kr



4 cl + mixer

frÄn 119 kr

Red Bull Vodka 

4 cl + Red bull

frÄn 135 kr


4 cl

frÄn 96 kr

Wine/Prosecco (Organic)

Preziosa Organic Prosecco

Glas / Flaska

90 / 499 kr

Botanicum Ibericum Organic Red

Glas / Flaska

89 / 400 kr

Botanicum Ibericum Organic White/Rosé

Glas / Flaska

89 / 400 kr


Tap Beer

BryggmÀstaren 40 cl

59 kr


Bron 40 cl

79 kr

Specialöl / Craftöl

Varierat utbud

89 kr